Friday, March 27, 2009

Back from the dead!

Dead? Well far from it.

But my blog was temporarily dead for one month while I went off on other exploits...

Such as the Bahamas:

Isn't that two-tone water just gorgeous?

Then again, the array of colors that explode throughout the Whitley Kros collection are also equally gorgeous!

There is quite a bit happening in the world of my wondrous Whitley!

For instance, I'm sooooo jazzed that we're now being given a sneak peak at the Fall '09 collection, which was on display at the Miauhaus Studio on La Brea (I used to live right near there; this makes me miss LA):

Also, I'm not the only lover of Whitley - for the record, there's quite a large following out there! Yay! In fact, there's a 13 yr old named Keren that has an awesome fashion blog, at which she dedicated a posting to my traveling muse... check out Teh Style Memo.

Okay that's it for right now... I need to get caught up on other things... like plotting out where Whitley is at on the map... According to my sources, it's Eastern Europe.... Hmmmm....