Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unique Valentine's idea

I've got a GREAT idea for Valentine's Day.

For us women, clothes-shopping is generally a no-brainer... but I know that for men it's probably not gonna be as well-received...but check it out...

The Whitley Kros store has such a wide array of designer clothing in various patterns, shapes, colors - just an overall unique, fun style - what girl wouldn't wanna receive a unique, new clothing item to add to her wardrobe?

Worst case scenario is that she just exchanges it for something else - pretty simple.
Honestly, to show that you went the extra mile and put forth the effort and thought to enhance her wardrobe...well that's greatness in itself (in my not-so-humble opinion).

*Check out the sales page for some spectacular deals.

*Make sure to check out what new merchandise is available... this is one of my new favorites:

Queen Dress

Oh and for those of you who regularly follow this blog and my adoration of Whitley ---- well I don't have any updates on the elusive wonder as of stay tuned.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brrrr... stay WARM with these stylish threads

Brrrr... it's cold outside....

But there's hope! One can yet be stylish despite this cold weather.

Witness some of the new "cold-weather" items at the Whitley Kros online store:

Raleigh Cardigan Sydney Pant Regent Blazer

There is soooooooo much more at the store to choose from, so be sure to stop in - and don't forget to check out the Sales Page as well, lots of great deals to be had there.

I'm not quite informed on the latest news with Whitley's love triangle, however I do know that she's spending her winter in Australia - which means it's actually summer for her --- lucky gal...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Designer clothing - 60% off! more to share...

Woe is Whitley.

To continue my documentation of Whitley Kros's love triangle, it seems as if she's kindda fed up with the scene and gonna leave on a jaunt to Australia. My kindda girl. Take a breather and perhaps have some "creative loafing" time; dis-engage and step back to figure out which direction to take in her love-life. Ahhhh....

Sydney, Australia

Haven't many of us been there and done that?

On a more positive note, I am pleased to say that there are MANY new and wonderful arrivals to the Whitley collection... one of my favorites:

That's the Shelly Dress - long and flowing, sortta breezy-looking - kind of like Whitley. :)

I love how the clothing line reveals portions of Whitley's persona... like a puzzle that's slowing coming together piece by piece.

Be sure to browse the site thoroughly to take advantage of the sales. For instance, you'll find the Guitar tee (worn by Rachel McAdams) on the home page for half off....


the "dress" page has such popular favorites as the Brighton dress for 60% off.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Triangle and Bondi

My poor, sweet Whitley Kros is caught up in that oh-so-very beautiful, entanglingly passionate thing that we call love.

Alas, many of us fall prey to it's embrace... trying desperately to keep our cool and save face.

Hmmmmm... Whitley being the "whisper in the wind" that she is, I wonder how she'll come out of this one?

Well, no matter the outcome, I know one thing's for sure, she'll be lookin' good.

And if I know one thing, then I also know two things: Bondi Beach is THE place to be and is the theme for one of THE most popular tee-shirts in the Whitley collection - so many varieties: turquoise, white, orange sherbert, etc.
Visit the web store to get your hands on one.

More to come later...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dido, Filter Magazine and more

Long over-due but sooooo worth the wait, after a short hiatus, I have now returned to continue on my adventures in the following and blogging of my beautiful muse: Whitley Kros.

And yes, the lovely Dido is featured in the latest issue of Filter Magazine wearing the Whitley "Cat Eyes" t-shirt. Get to a newstand and check it out. :)


Binky (in the pic on the left) from the group Little Joy performed on the Carson Daly show January 5th, wearing a Whitley dress.

Soooo great for the start of 2009 .... further to that, new merchandise is up at the web store, such as the popular Bondi tee and the dip-dyed tee. Way to start your wardrobe off right!

P.S. There is much that is still on sale so get over to the Whitley Kros store ASAP! More to come later.