Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Eve mystery to solve

A common New Years Eve question: what party are we gonna go to? What are we gonna do?
Hah! My mission is a bit trickier - where's Whitley? Remember the game "Where's Waldo?"
Kindda similar but much prettier and hipper no doubt.
And it definitely makes my life that much more exciting... where could she be??? LA? Miami? New York perhaps??
OK what I do know is that no matter what, we all wanna look our best on this fun night (I know Whitley Kros will be all done up in full fashionable loveliness)... one article of clothing that you may want to snatch up:

Hugo Top - and yay, it's on sale! Marked down by 60% - wow!
If anything, and despite the fact that Whitley is so hard to keep up with, at least
she's managing to save us from fashion let-down right?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nylon Magazine anyone?

For those of you familiar with the oh-so-wonderful Nylon Magazine.... welllll, guess what? My lovely traveling muse Whitley Kros has been featured in the January issue. :-)))

Witness her lovely Bondi Palm Tree t-shirt in the below pic:

What does this mean?

Well, she is out-doing herself for one thing and starting 2009 in the most coolest way ever, but also, check out the other designers that she is being featured alongside:

Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott and Camilla and Marc....

I love you Whitley... you're doing great.

Where will we find her next? Always keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

Oh and I know that you wanna have the palm-tree t-shirt - so get it here while it's in-stock. ;-)
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hurry up to get in on these incredible deals!

Wow, perfect timing on these great joke...discounts of 50-75% off!

And to top it all off, Whitley Kros has added even more cute items to the holiday sale...

This cute t-shirt to the left is one of my personal favorites - love the pattern.

Gotta go - time to go Christmas shopping for my girl Whitley...perhaps if I shower her with love she'll hang out with me more often?!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Designer clothing at an affordable price?!

Okay,'s been a busy, hectic, productive, long week for yours truly - Whitley's #1 adoring fan!

Been wandering after my lovely muse....and I tell ya, she's incredibly hard to keep up with.

But alas, I'm back and wow, just wanted to say there's an incredible sale going on at the Whitley Kros online store. For instance, I mean come on, it doesn't get much better than the below hot, hot Monroe Drape tee on clearance for $35.00.

Yes I know that some of you may not believe the price tag on this beauty, but it's indeed the truth. I love you Whitley!

Okay so place your order fast before you miss out - believe me Whitley likes to indulge in her wanderlust and these great deals won't be around for very long. ;-)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My introduction

To properly introduce myself, I am Rosie and this blog is un-officially dedicated to my traveling muse: Whitley Kros. Who is Whitley Kros you ask?

So bold, so whimsical, so beautiful and daring - she charms the socks off of her followers, yet I'm her #1 fan.

I can't take myself away from constantly searching to find out where she's at and what is she wearing??? Or what are her fans wearing? Perhaps she'll leave a clue behind?

Her styles have been worn by the likes of, get this: Kate hudson, Rumer Willis, Jennifer Lopez, Juliette lewis, Bijou philips, Cory kennedy and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Oh wow... check this out - kind enough to leave a clue ---- Whitley, Whitley - I love you! See below! Holiday sample sale!

I also found out that there will be bargain bins (starting at $5 tees), denim from $50-$100 and lots more from the Spring '08 collection. For Fall '08 merchandise: pants, jackets, dresses, blouses, tees from $40-$120 and fine cashmere starting at $85.

Wow! Whitley you've done it again. And on top of that you're hooking people up with INCREDIBLE holiday savings... I love it!

Stay tuned for more....