Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Triangle and Bondi

My poor, sweet Whitley Kros is caught up in that oh-so-very beautiful, entanglingly passionate thing that we call love.

Alas, many of us fall prey to it's embrace... trying desperately to keep our cool and save face.

Hmmmmm... Whitley being the "whisper in the wind" that she is, I wonder how she'll come out of this one?

Well, no matter the outcome, I know one thing's for sure, she'll be lookin' good.

And if I know one thing, then I also know two things: Bondi Beach is THE place to be and is the theme for one of THE most popular tee-shirts in the Whitley collection - so many varieties: turquoise, white, orange sherbert, etc.
Visit the web store to get your hands on one.

More to come later...

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