Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unique Valentine's idea

I've got a GREAT idea for Valentine's Day.

For us women, clothes-shopping is generally a no-brainer... but I know that for men it's probably not gonna be as well-received...but check it out...

The Whitley Kros store has such a wide array of designer clothing in various patterns, shapes, colors - just an overall unique, fun style - what girl wouldn't wanna receive a unique, new clothing item to add to her wardrobe?

Worst case scenario is that she just exchanges it for something else - pretty simple.
Honestly, to show that you went the extra mile and put forth the effort and thought to enhance her wardrobe...well that's greatness in itself (in my not-so-humble opinion).

*Check out the sales page for some spectacular deals.

*Make sure to check out what new merchandise is available... this is one of my new favorites:

Queen Dress

Oh and for those of you who regularly follow this blog and my adoration of Whitley ---- well I don't have any updates on the elusive wonder as of stay tuned.

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