Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Eve mystery to solve

A common New Years Eve question: what party are we gonna go to? What are we gonna do?
Hah! My mission is a bit trickier - where's Whitley? Remember the game "Where's Waldo?"
Kindda similar but much prettier and hipper no doubt.
And it definitely makes my life that much more exciting... where could she be??? LA? Miami? New York perhaps??
OK what I do know is that no matter what, we all wanna look our best on this fun night (I know Whitley Kros will be all done up in full fashionable loveliness)... one article of clothing that you may want to snatch up:

Hugo Top - and yay, it's on sale! Marked down by 60% - wow!
If anything, and despite the fact that Whitley is so hard to keep up with, at least
she's managing to save us from fashion let-down right?

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