Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HOT New Merchandise ALERT!

So I visited my favorite online store today and look what I found:'s uber-cute. I just love it. Reminds me of the one time I lived in Mexico.

Maybe I should change my blog name to "Rosie Loves Poncho" instead of "Rosie Loves Whitley".

I'm so dorky sometimes.
But onto more important things: there is other awesome, new stuff at the Whitley Store - so after clicking on the above poncho link, skip around the rest of the store to check out what's available.

Me and my obsessive self have been keeping tabs as best as possible on Whitley in France.
But all I could come up with was a cool yet brief article from Fashion Week '08 (similar to previous ones that I've posted, but this one's different)... check it out - even includes a pic of cute Selena Gomez:

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