Monday, February 16, 2009

Ugh, I am so exhausted from a very involved Valentine's Day weekend.

But I did want to get on here and mention that yes, for the record, Whitley Kros is indeed still in Bondi Beach - basking in the sun and doin' her thing until...well who knows when...

I'm not sure where she'll be next, but I'm staying on my toes. Could be that she shows up to the Oscars, but hey, who knows....

You know I mentioned this at another virtual spot where I was ranting and raving about Whitley, but I just have to note this here...this top is the most cutest thing ever (photo up top).

I need like 10 of those in assorted colors in my closet right now! Well you can also get one or more if you wanted to by visiting the store. :)))) Much, much more there though than just Balmain.... enjoy - and be back later.

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